When is it too soon to get excited?

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 What happens when you meet a guy and he seems like he has it all? He’s gorgeous, clever, attentive and interesting! You think you have it all! You meet this guy and he is drop dead gorgeous, you get lucky and go on a date with him, maybe a second one if you are extremely lucky and then you realize not only this guy is hot, he has a great character as well…… Ding Ding Ding! You just hit the jackpot! …. Hmmm? Maybe too soon? Well this is my story with Chris. One of my readers asked me to write a post about getting excited with a guy too soon and Chris fits the purpose of this topic perfectly!

 I met Chris one day, first thing in the morning when I woke up! I found him in my corridor trying to fix something in the house. You can imagine my surprise when, on my way to the bathroom, somewhere between yawning and trying to keep my eyes open, I found someone in the corridor that looks like Leonardo Dicaprio. I froze (and mid-yawn might I add! Not very attractive!). I completely forgot we had someone coming that morning and my flatmate had let him in apparently. By the time he said ‘Goodmorning’ I realized my mouth was still hanging open! As you realize there was no way I would let that guy out of my house without at least exchanging phone numbers, so after I washed my face, brushed my teeth and put on some proper clothes (I was wearing teddy bear Pjs!) I offered him a cup of coffee and started chatting him up. We exchanged phone numbers and five days later we were on our first date.  He came and picked me up with his car and we drove around, he showed me around the area and we ended up somewhere in Greenwich for a beer. I couldn't believe it, he was great! He was intelligent, well-educated, slightly older (28), had a lot of great stories to tell and so on and so forth. Ok I will say one flaw that I saw from the very first moment (even though I wanted to think of him as perfect then!) : he was full of himself. But at the moment I thought everyone has flaws, being overconfident it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Well, it turns out it was in this case, so keep reading!

  By the end of the night, I was sure I had a crush! I couldn't remember when the last time I had a crush was; I was probably 12, and even then it was the cliché crush on a high-school teacher, which I soon grew out of and was too embarrassed about it to admit it to anyone! It was  like I was 12 again, I had butterflies in my stomach and I was smiling like an idiot to myself the whole night before I went to bed, not to mention thinking about him until I fell asleep! Even though I had the crush of a 12-year old, I knew better than to text him the next day or the day after, I waited the well-known-by now 48-hour rule, and then when I was contemplating whether to text him or not, my crush texted me! We started talking, and there's no need to mention I was smiling at my phone the entire time and I swear my heart skipped a bit every time I received a text from him! Well, before I knew it we were on a second and third date, and it was all going great; I was getting an adrenaline rush every time I saw him and I felt like flying every time he texted me. Well… this was soon to change!

  One night while my crush and I were having a glass of wine at my place (and I was thinking this is the night!! Wink, wink) we were talking about a new bar that he went to, the week before, when his sentence suddenly begun with “Gloria was with me and she liked it too”.  I took a moment to think about who Gloria was; I don’t think he ever mentioned her before, and he had mentioned most of his family members and friends in London. So of course I looked at him skeptically and said with great hesitation “Gloria…?”. By that moment I hoped she would turn out to be his long-lost sister that he just found out about and took her out for a drink to get to know each other! And then, as if talking about the weather, he calmly answered: “Yes, I was on a date”. I couldn't believe what my crush was saying; I was crashed! When my mouth dropped open he smiled cheekily and said “Well baby, I don’t think we ever said this was exclusive”. While for me the idea of dating someone else while I was with him felt like trying to breath under deep water, for Chris it seemed perfectly normal! That was it, even though my crush had crashed me, he had also slapped me back to reality. I got up, gathered myself and calmly but sternly told him “I appreciate your honesty, but please get up from my couch and get the fuck out of my house”; and then of course I smiled, I had to play it perfectly! He looked at me in shock; I don’t think any woman has kicked his pretty face out of the house before, but I wasn't going to take it!

  Well, after Chris left, I told my story to my friends who gave me a mixture of reactions. A couple of them burst out laughing at what had happened (which I had to admit was funny!) but the rest were in shock. Javier, always calm and collected shrugged and said “Well it’s a good thing you kicked him out” But then laughed and said “Well he has the looks to pull off that attitude!” I must say Javier left me wondering: “Do we get excited too soon with first dates because the guys know exactly what to say to make us fall for their bullshit? And if so, if we act like teenagers and have crushes every now and then, how careful should we be before we actually consider seriously dating someone?... How well do we ever know the men we go out with?” I couldn't have known that Chris was going to turn out to be a playboy, or I wouldn't go out with him, and I’m sure many of you found out things about your crushes that made you regret going out with them. When is it too soon to get excited? And of course, what are the deal breakers? For me dating multiple women at once definitely was a deal breaker! I never stopped to think twice about kicking his gorgeous green eyes out of my house. I knew that respect was something that I expected, and neither his pretty face, firm ass nor green eyes could buy it off!
So ladies, it’s healthy to have a crush every now and then, to have butterflies in your stomach, to have your heart skip a bit, but try not to get excited too soon, because speaking from experience… if he seems too good to be true, he probably is!!

 Comment and tell me your experiences and if you ever had a crush that ended badly! Also, did anyone of you find that Mr. Perfect that has it all? I’m actually really curious! Don't forget to like my facebook page and tell me what you think: https://www.facebook.com/newcitygirlondating?ref=ts&fref=ts

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