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As popular as online dating seems to be these days, and even effective for a lot of people, you can't deny that you came across tens of profiles that made you think: "Seriously?! What the hell is going on here?". Profiles on dating websites are supposed to reflect a glimpse of your character and show people what you really look like... If a dating profile is supposed to be something so simple, why is it that so many people make it seem awkward, unpleasant and way too pretentious? No one said you need to look like a runway model or a porn-star-wanna-be on your dating profile and no girl has ever looked at someone's abs and fallen in love with them. Here is a list of the most common mistakes that both men and women do when online dating:


1. Don't choose photos that make you look thinner: Don't you just love that angle that  hides the real  size of your hips? Yeah, so do we! But when you meet up with someone, how are you going to hide that? There's no reason in uploading photos that make you look thinner, because as much as you love those photos, they don't show the real you. And for the record, men love curves! And you want someone to like the real you, not the you minus-two-sizes you!

2. Don't choose photos of when you were younger: Unless you are planning on travelling through a time machine to meet him, then this is not very wise! He will inevitably see the couple of wrinkles that suddenly appeared on your face since you took that picture, let alone make you feel even worse! There is no reason to fool around with your age in your photos; you should be confident about it. Plus, you are not 40 looking for a 20 year old guy (well most women at least!); you are most likely looking for someone your own age as a companion.... so you better look your age!

3. Stop the duck faces: Did I miss something? Did someone cross-breed us with Donald Duck while I had my head buried in a book? Since when did duck-facing become sexy? There's no need to pull a duck-face in a photo to look more attractive - how about flashing a smile? There's nothing more sweet and beautiful than a girl smiling in a photo. And if you happen to think that you look sexier pulling a duck face then think that you are looking for someone to go out with - not just have a one night thing!


1. Put some clothes on: As attractive as your body is (And I'm sure it's amazing!), ladies won't fall for that. I never once heard a woman say "I fell in love with him because of his perfectly defined stomach". On the contrary! I heard women saying "I fell in love with him because he makes me laugh, because he protects me", and the list goes on. If anything, girls will avoid getting in touch with those that show off their bodies in their dating profiles. So put a shirt on and smile for a genuinely nice photo!

2. Find something interesting to say to the ladies: "Hi how r u?" or "U look hot" or "Wat's up babe?" Is really not the way to initiate a conversation with someone you might potentially have a relationship with. I don't know where to begin describing what's wrong with this. Firstly, just saying "how are you?" shows that you didn't even bother reading our profile to find something to break the ice. And there's no chance we would ever respond with anything else other than "I'm fine"... and that's the best case scenario! Most probably we won't even reply. Secondly, if you can't bother to use correct grammar, then it seems like you can't even bother carrying on a proper conversation. What's the big deal in pressing two more keyboard buttons and sending a proper message? And thirdly, don't call the girl babe! You don't even know her yet. It's a HUGE turnoff!

3. Avoid selfies: I'm sure all of us have a proper photo that does not include us holding our phone in front of the bathroom mirror! Well, use that one! Don't use selfies, firstly it shows that you are trying way too hard which is a turn off and secondly those photos are usually blurry or the hand with the phone is in front of the face and the girls can't see it.

So there you have it, all the huge mistakes men and women do when online dating! Try avoiding as many as you can to have a more genuine and honest dating profile and you'll see you'll attract more people with relationship potential.

What do you think of the online dating don'ts? Do you agree? Do you have anything you want to add? Comment and tell me your thoughts!

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  1. GOD YES - avoid selfies! They are the worst form of photo EVER!

    "Step Away From the Camera - and no one will get hurt!"

    1. Hahaha l love this comment! Selfies are the worst, especially in the bathroom mirrors!

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