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 If your job takes up most of your time and you find it impossible to look for the perfect date on a regular basis, then you are not alone; half of London is in your shoes! Fortunately, there are ways to fit 20 dates in about an hour and a half (given that you can make time for that at least). With the speed and flexibility, lack of awkwardness and convenience that speed dating provides nowadays, it should come as no surprise that I decided to give it another go. This time I chose a different experience with DateinaDash.com. When it comes to speed dating, the relief that comes before the dates is priceless: no long conversations with people you might not like, no awkward silences, no pressure on whether your date will like your outfit – there are more than twenty dates here, someone is bound to love it! Even with the avoidance of the nerve-wrecking anxiousness that comes with first dates, DateinaDash.com has a lot more to offer during their speed dating events.

  I attended their speed dating event last Friday, at Mahiki in Mayfair. At this point I need to stop and admire the choice of venue! With a wonderful interior, friendly staff and drinks to die for, Mahiki was, in my opinion, the best choice of venue for the event. Upon arrival we were all greeted by the friendliest host, who made sure everyone knew their way around and had a name tag. He was there all along to ensure the event run smoothly and made the last traces of nervousness vanish by a couple of witty jokes. Arrival of participants was at 7.30, which gave us all half an hour before the speed dating started, to mingle and briefly meet all the singletons of the evening. Possibly the most pleasantly striking feature of such events is the wide variety of people you get to meet, of different ages and backgrounds, which makes the conversations ever more interesting. Plus, the great number of people that were at the event (44), meant that you didn’t have to spend a second with anyone you didn’t want to talk to, and it still gave you a pool of people to interact with.

  Before the dating started, everyone was given a card to write down the names of their dates and tick whether they liked them. There was a selection of three boxes to tick: ‘Yes’, ‘No’ and ‘Friend’; giving you a choice of whether you wanted to see that person again and under what conditions! The card also gave a few dating ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’, just in case someone was nervous about what was acceptable to do during dating, as well as a few ice breaker questions, which gave a good push to any conversation that reached a standstill. Once all the ladies were seated, the bachelors started rotating clockwise between the women, spending three minutes at each table. This gave everyone just enough time to get to meet the other person, get a glimpse of their character and decide whether they wanted to meet them again or not! It also didn’t give enough time to interact for a long time with anyone you didn’t want to and the three minutes definitely prevented any potential awkward silences. Of course with some dates, three minutes can seem like an hour and with other it can seem like a second, but either way all is part of a worthwhile experience. A ten minute break was given to all daters halfway through the speed dating, which allowed everyone to get some drinks and mingle some more. This was a good chance to carry on any conversations that were interrupted when time run out during the speed dating. By this time, everyone was more comfortable, all the anxiety had vanished and people were mingling mindlessly making new friends, and potentially new dates!

 After the event had finished, the matches were made without the singletons lifting a finger. The welcoming host collected all the cards and within twelve hours made all the matches and sent an email to all the participants. In the email you get all your matches from the event, both as dates and as friends. And if you happen to log in your account on DateinaDash.com you can even send them a direct message and start the conversation going… where you left off! Tempted yet? On top of all these, DateinaDash.com offers these events at the great price of 20 pounds, and a wide variety of events to choose from! But make sure to book your event ASAP, because tickets are running out fast! 

For more information on the events and prices visit: www.dateinadash.com

*This is a sponsored post. Many thanks to DateinaDash.com for the invitation. All the opinions are my own. 

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