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Starting a new blog is only natural to want my readers (hopefully there will be a lot of you) to get to know me. Well here it goes, my name is Lissa, and yes I am a new city girl. I have been living in London for the past 2 years, studying, sometimes working part time. London is a great city, lots of handsome guys, walking around the streets of London... and if you go out at the right time and place then you can catch them walking around in their designer suits, with their expensive briefcases, looking very busy and important. I might be 20, but more than interested in those busy and important guys, and not so interested into guys my age. I have even managed to go on some dates with those guys... so here is what brings me to writing this blog...

 What do we do wrong? We meet a very cute guy, buys us a drink, starts a great conversation and then... (the best moment of all) asks for our phone number. From there on, even most of you will deny it, for the next days we will keep our phones within reaching distance at all times (and I mean at ALL times, yes that includes you taking a shower), never on vibrate and checking it every 10 minutes to make sure you didn't miss a call (even though it would be impossible for you to miss it!). If you are lucky you will occasionally bump into the kind of girl that will put in practice the "48-hour rule" before she starts obsessing over her phone. If we get very lucky, we will finally get that call, from that handsome tall hottie that bought us a drink, go out on a first date, freaking out about playing the whole night (or day) perfectly, and then still wonder  why he didn't call back! Well I've been in that position lets say more than once... I've also been in the position of obsessing over the phone for days and days and then not even getting that first date. So I decided, this blog should be about us, about WOMEN. About dating, what we do right, what we do wrong, how men react and what it means and how to handle them 

I know what you might be thinking... "she's 20, what the hell does she know?". Well, after I made the same mistakes over and over and over again I learnt from them and after finally stop doing them, I got it right, got the second and third call and so on... Of course it doesn't mean that I get it right every time as you will see from this blog, but instead that I'm learning as I go along and hopefully I will help you learn from my mistakes as well. This wouldn't be possible of course without the help of my friends, my love-gurus, as I call them. Their stories taught me a lot as well and I plan to use them as we go along, renaming the people of course, for privacy reasons, as you will understand (avoiding a lawsuit at this age would be wise) ! 

I hope you enjoy the posts on this blog, and leave feedback with questions, tips and so on, whenever you feel like it! :) 

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