Do we fall for the same guy over and over again?

17:42 Lissa Reed 0 Comments

Whether you admit it or not, you probably fell for the same guy more than once! In most cases that guy changes name, eye color, hair color, height, face features… but you have to admit: it’s still the same guy over and over again! There is nothing wrong with finding attractive some specific qualities on someone’s character which repeatedly attract us… however, what if we follow an unhealthy pattern in men?…
I would describe my ‘guy pattern’ with one word: unavailable!! Over the past five years I fell in love with two guys, who shared that feature in common! Now you would think that 2 guys are not enough to describe a pattern… 
Care to read what happens next with my dating pattern failure?? Then visit 'Do you fall for the same guy over and over again' in Dating Disasters and Delights! and let me know what you think!! 

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