Why Lying is the Key To an Honest Relationship?

06:14 Lissa Reed 2 Comments

 How many of us can honestly say that we never lied to avoid causing problems in our relationship? As much as we love and cherish the other person and as much as we want to keep our relationship easy going and clear of any awkwardness… there comes a time when we try to reason Why Lying is the Key to an Honest Relationship! Many of us hate to admit it, but a little ‘white lie’ every now and then is what keeps our relationship strong and going. And even though there’s a fine line between the lies that keep a relationship together and the lies that can tear it apart, I can’t help but think that a little lying is, in fact, the key to an honest relationship?

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  1. People think it's a slippery slope but actually a little white lie is not the end of the world...I know for a fact that it I need an extra fifteen mins peace and quiet I might take the 'long' drive home...Nothing wrong with needed a little me time right?

    1. Of course there's nothing wrong with that! It doesn't mean you love the other person any less, and there's no reason talking about that either. A little 'white lying' is in fact the best choice when it comes to certain small things like this one!