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I know just how difficult it is to be objective and let your mind guide you when your desires take over (to say the least).  Speaking from experience, I also know the thrill of indulging into the forbidden every now and then; either to break your monotonous routineor because you are not happy in your current relationship anymore – but are unwilling to end it!  The adrenaline rush that an affair gives us is something unquestionab fly intriguing and having amistress is always the best way for a man to indulge his fantasies.  That all sounds so great, but it’s about time I snapped you out of your fantasy world and into the reality by telling you why having a mistress is a bad idea!

Why Having A Mistress Is A Bad Idea

In a world where common sense is becoming less and less common, it is not surprising to see why men miss the first reason of why having a mistress is a bad idea; someone will eventually get hurt!  Most men initiate their little escapade by having an ideal scenario in their mind: “I will have some fun for some time with a girl that doesn’t want a relationship with me, keep it casual – just sex, my wife won’t find out, I will dump the girl after a while and then go back to my marriage.  Simple and effective, no one gets hurt!”  Yeah well, I hate to break it to you, but more often than not, those scenarios fall apart faster than Kim Kardashian’s first marriage!  If you leave out the most obvious shortcoming of that plan (that the wife will find out), you have to accept the possibility of emotions getting in the middle.
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