Spicing up online dating: TICKR

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 As much as it is unavoidable to exclude online dating, when it comes to relationships in the past few years, all of us must admit that every now and then we find it boring and way too monotonous. When a normal profile becomes as boring to read as any of the Twilight books, and when you find yourself swiping to the left on your dating mobile application, one cannot help but wonder if anything new is coming to spice up online dating a little bit! How many times did we really look at someone’s dating profile picture and think whether he really is as good looking as the photo, or whether this was just taken on a good angle? How many times did you go out on a date and realized that your date is just no how you thought he would be, or maybe he doesn’t sound as you thought he would sound. As weird as this may seem, the voice of a man is one of the first things that a woman notices. So what if there was a way to overcome those little drawbacks of online dating?

 Tickr is a new dating website that allows you to do a lot more than read someone’s profile picture. It allows you to see them in motion – by including a video!  By ending the ambiguous nature of hook-up apps and getting rid of inaccurate algorithms and laborious compatibility questions like other dating sites, Tickr gives users access to the strongest tool at their disposal – gut instinct.

So How Does It Work?

Members create short videos (up to 30 seconds) displaying their interests, hobbies and personalities, earning 'ticks' if they are liked and 'icks' if they are not. A video can be just about anything, from talking, dancing, fooling around or even singing, if you are feeling confident! And here’s the best part: you don’t have to sit around to think of a video to film to upload on Tickr. You can just use any video you might find in your phone that you happen to like, and upload it easily, as the website also has its own iphone application. You could just Tickr on-the-go. Once members mutually tick each other - it's a match and the conversation can then begin through text or video messaging.  As well as browsing securely through videos, Tickr also provides a complete user experience - members can use the site to book dates through partners such as online restaurant site Bookatable, plus many more.
 On top of the numerous facilities outlined above, tickr combines a stylish website design with an ease of use to any user, making it easy to navigate around, entertaining to read the profiles and avoiding the monotonous search of online dating profiles that other websites tend to have.

How Can I Join?

 It’s simple and it’s easy... and if you hurry up it’s free as well! For a limited amount of time, Tickr is free to join. Just visit: www.trustyourtickr.com and receive a free, lifetime membership. It’s something new, something exciting and who knows? Maybe Mr. Right is right there! After that, standard monthly membership will be £10.  

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